Tag:4 ......of me !

Anggie tagged me on this topic, it's quite easy task to complete, herewith :-

* 4 jobs I have had in my life ~
Part time promoter (school holiday)
Temporary teacher (school holiday)
Marketing Executive (3 yrs)
Secretary (06-??)

* 4 places I have lived ~
Butterworth (born till 27 yrs old)
Sintok,Kedah (3 yr of uni life)
Melacca (2005-??)

* 4 countries I have been to an vocation ~
(poor....not enough 4......sigh !)

* 4 of my favorite foods ~
Homemade foods by mum
Bak Kut Teh
lobak kuih (蘿卜糕)

* 4 places I would rather be right now ~
HK Disneyland
Home Spa
My sweet bed

* 4 mums i'm going to tag ~
Vivian,soo hooi, esther & Jess.

2 留言信箱 on "Tag:4 ......of me !"

Anggie's journel on 2007年7月16日 下午4:21 提到...

easy and fast tag , right ???
thanks anyway.

淑惠 on 2007年7月21日 上午10:13 提到...

哈哈,i tagged u, n u also tagged me.
Anyway, both done. :)

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