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Thanks Peimun tagged me on this unique topic.

發年發月發日,一個所有華人都愛聼的吉祥日。翻查日曆這天剛好落在拜五,當天您會選擇做些什麽事?? 嗯。。。似乎還很遙遠的日子,頓時也想不到要做些什麽。大多數的online buddy都選擇出國旅行,那我也跟大隊,實行跟彤彤開了很久"空頭支票"的計劃---游


現在就要快快努力存$$$, 到了那一天,彤彤已經2嵗多,希望可以很“容易”的帶她出國旅行去!這是一家人第一次計劃性的出國旅行,但願夢想成真!!!

Since most of buddy has been tagged on this topic, so i'm not going to tag anybody.

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esther on 2007年8月3日 下午1:19 提到...

hahaha..i just tag you on the same topic...ooh, plan to travel also like the rest of the online buddies...Hong Kong Disneyland, good experience for Tung-Tung to travel :)
P/s - I used the free online translator to help me on this.

Anggie's journel on 2007年8月3日 下午2:42 提到...

ur girl must be very excited about this HK Disney ... yah.. kids love disney . Ok.. hope ur wish come true. !! :)

淑惠 on 2007年8月3日 下午5:00 提到...

Hooi Koon,
U should have tarvel before your girl turn 2 years old.
Cause if less than 2 years old, no need to buy air ticket mah. hehe..

You so hardworking, use translator to read. :)

vickylow on 2007年8月7日 下午4:33 提到...


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