Chocolate Steam Cake


材料很簡單:6粒蛋,麵粉,HL Choc牛奶,葡萄乾和Ovalette,蒸20分鐘。


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B koko 提到...


if I m not wrong, ovalette is to make the cake soft and spongy, not for rising. I thing may be you need some baking powder or your proportion for flour and eggs is out.
Never mind, try again. Simple and easy + not so costly, practise makes perfect.

hooikoon on 2008年6月19日 上午10:45 提到...


Baking powder is 發粉 right?
I got added 1/2 tsp leh, all the proportion also follow the requirement....but then still tenggelam ! hahaha...

My fren told me ovalette can make it stand. But i really cant find this thing in Jusco's baking section. Maybe have to search from those shop that selling baking ingredients...but melaka - totally no idea !

Actually i'm not fancy for this steam cake, bake is still the best.
But since steam cake is good for thung, so no harm have a try! ^o^

B koko 提到...

I m not sure abt ur ingredients s you only mention egg, flour etc but no specific amount. Or i suggest the next time you steam, you try the self raising flour from the shelf, you can get from any supermarket. Then you need not put baking powder. I am very sure it is not the ovalette. Normally if I use the ordinary flour(mee hoon), 250 gm will put about 3 teaspoonful of baking powder. Since you cannot get this baking powder, you might as well use self raising flour which is pre-mixed, easier for beginner,
try again. But if tung tung is having constipation(cannot go to toilet), then I too not advise you to give koko cake to her. It is very heaty.

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